The Law of Attraction Planner!

You may or may not believe in the law of attraction, but you have definitely heard of those who do believe in it.

Top celebrities including Jim Carey, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Costner, and thousands of other well-known stars and business people have revealed that they use the law of attraction in achieving their own dreams.

The purpose of the law of attraction planner is to make you the superstar in your own world. Instead of looking up to Will Smith or Oprah Winfrey, you can look up to your own achievements and own lifestyle after you begin using the Law of attraction planner.

If the law of attraction was so easy to apply then virtually everybody who ever heard of it would already be living the life of their dreams. Unfortunately, we know that is not the case. Most people who attempt a law of attraction process or LOA for short, end up not exactly satisfied.

The challenge with applying LOA is properly executing all the steps correctly, day-after-day. This is the challenge that the LOA planner solves for you.

Picture this. You choose a goal of making $100,000 a year with your hobby of photography. This is a perfect goal for the law of attraction because it is specific, with a clear path. 

When you start using the LOA planner, you will write down your goal, and create a fun, colorful mind map of how you might convert your dream into reality.

Your steps might include taking a few pictures every day, researching markets, posting pictures to Instagram, Shutter Stock, and marketing your services.

These are sample steps of how a mind map will lead you towards your goal. Everyone’s mind maps are uniquely designed around specific goals.

The LOA planner goes much farther than giving you space for choosing a goal and laying out plan. That’s basic stuff you can find in a lot of different planners or goal achieving systems.

The LOA planner is unique and special because it includes daily check ins that motivate you towards your goal. Keeping you motivated is a powerful feature that sets the LOA planner apart from all other systems.

Using a scientifically based, 3 step motivation principle, keeps your motivational fire burning:

1. You set expectations;

2. You plan and take small actions;

3. You plan for and receive positive rewards for each step in your journey.

This example shows just one of many advanced motivation and energy management principles built into the LOA planner.

Taking advantage of the LOA planner is completely risk-free. The list of energy building and motivational systems built in to the planner is too long to go into in this brief article. Your best bet is to get a sample download as an introduction.


Once you start using the LOA planner and enjoying the benefits of achieving your goals with joy, you will feel gratitude for having made a great decision to adopt the LOA planner into your life.
And I will be on this journey right along with you, so reach out and let's help each other!

So much love,