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lacey cherice
lacey cherice



I was born and raised in Bastrop, Texas, immersed in loblolly pines and a large Black Southern family. My adventures began with gravel roads, green pastures, and bare feet. After 28 years in my hometown, I decided to journey West, where the city lights reflect off the never-ending ocean waves in sunny California. The road to get here was gut-wrenching, filled with twists, flips, bruises, and treasures, one of those treasures being my wife. I'm a community mediator and currently studying law. This is where I unravel, untie, mend, and celebrate all that life is- one big fabulous, messy adventure. It is also where I aim to inspire and challenge you through storytelling, self-care, and conflict awareness. Tapping into my own creative gifts has helped me come alive and manage (sometimes) debilitating anxiety, in turn, allowing me the space to explore my own inner conflicts with grace and vulnerability.

Be inspired, encouraged, and remember how dope you are. 

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